Alex Polizzi - The Fixer Nikki Tibbles Wild At Heart

We were off to London, to Pimlico Road and the wonderful internationally renowned florist Nikki Tibbles. We didn’t know at the time that was where we were going and arriving early for our rendezvous with ‘The Fixer’ we stood to admire the Wild at Heart shop not realising that we would soon be working in it.

When we were told who Nikki Tibbles was and of her floristry reputation my stomach churned over and panic set in. I had been asked to bring some artificial flowers along and now it was time to bring them out .. in front of Nikki … what must she be thinking!

Nikki was very kind and encouraging, imparting key pieces of advice and techniques which will always be remembered. I was in awe of Nikki and very honoured that I had the opportunity to meet and speak with her.

Thank you to the Wild at Heart florists who helped, probably without knowing, as I watch their techniques for arranging bouquets. Don’t ever moan how cold it is, these guys have their work bench outside and work there all year round!

Thank you Nikki and everyone at Wild at Heart. It was a great floral bonanza of a day.