Alex Polizzi - The Fixer Castle Howard

When did we meet Jane Nordli Wedding Planner and Penny Soeder Events Manager at Castle Howard? Well … without our knowing we first met when they came as ‘secret shoppers’ under the pretence that Penny was getting married and Jane was her aunt. Jumping through hoops … they had me chasing all over getting out almost every piece of glassware I had to show them and then to cap it all they wanted to see where I stored everything and promptly tramped through my kitchen and out to the back garden and our storage containers.

Our second meeting was when Alex Polizzi brought them back to confess what they had been up to and give me feedback on their experience. We then met again at the stunning Castle Howard where they have the good fortune to work. This is where I met the wonderful Kymm Queen, residence Castle Howard florist, taking over from her mother who had previously held this prestigious honour.

I feel very honoured to have been allowed to work in such a magnificent castle, a dream venue for any decorator to work in. Without Kymm, Penny and Jane (and Kate from Carbon Creative) and the wonderful support of the whole Castle Howard team we would not have completed the six set up we did that day.

Kymm’s floral knowledge and know how was invaluable on the day. From a total novice to creating instant floral décor in such a splendid setting I was very over awed but Kymm’s bubbly chat and advice calmed me and off we went.

As a result of our days shoot we were later invited to exhibit at the Castle Howard Flower Festival which was a great honour as it is by invitation only. I was very proud to have several pieces displayed throughout the castle. Which you can see here

Because of the hard work and dedication of the whole of the Castle Howard team, Kymm Queen, Jane Nordli and Penny Soeder we created a stunning portfolio of images shot by Ally Byrom.
Thank you to each and every one of the Castle Howard staff and to Mr Howard for allowing us to work in your stunning home.


Photography at Castle Howard – Ally Byrom

Photography at The Tetley – Cat Hepple