Jane Tomlinson Appeal

The Jane Tomlinson Appeal was established by the late Jane Tomlinson CBE to raise funds for Children’s and Cancer Charities.

We were immensely honoured to be asked to decorate for an historic milestone celebration for the charities appeal. Jane Tomlinson Appeal have just announced they have raised over £7 MILLION. A staggering amount of money and one that has made a tremendous difference to thousands of people across the country.

If you are looking to challenge yourself in 2015 then check out Jane Tomlinson Appeal EVENTS, read Jane’s story and be truly INSPIRED!

We have been fortunate to be involved in decorating several events for the appeal over the years and took part in the inaugural Leeds 10k in 2007 and again in 2008 wearing our unique balloon outfits.

Jane Tomlinson Appeal have announced they have raised over £7 MILLION
Inaugural Leeds 10k 2007 - £500,000 Raised
Lusso's Jay disappointed to be beaten to the line by Scooby-Doo!! 2008
Andy Gray & Gabby Logan support launch of Leeds 10K 2009
Steven Cram & Harry Gration support launch of inaugural York 10K 2009
Inaugural Pennine 10K launched in 2010 with the help of Steve Cram & a host of charities all benefiting from Jane Tomlinson Appeal's great work
.... and the victor? ...... all the charitable organisations that are helped every year by Jane Tomlinson Appeals. Congratulations to everyone.