Design inspiration from our Garden

Looking for design inspiration? Well look no further than your own garden or park. Whatever medium you work in our natural surroundings hold ideas and inspiration a plenty.

I was fortunate enough to inherit a lovingly cared for garden from my in-laws. Many years ago they farmed the garden planting fruit trees such as cherry, apricot, apple, plum and pear, which we still enjoy today. My favourite trees in the garden have to be the figs and the Japanese flowering quince with its beautiful coral flowers.

My in-laws grew all their own vegetables from artichokes to marrows and from garlic to potatoes. Sadly the veggies have all gone apart from the odd resilient artichoke and garlic that keep popping up to our delight year after year.

We have planted a few flowers such as muscari (grape hyacinth) to use in our floral work. Other flowers such as primrose, pansy, daisy are scattered all over the garden with big blocks of pink from the rhododendron.

Beautiful clear blue skies highlight the natural beauty of our garden, Time spent in the garden is never wasted