Alex Polizzi – The Fixer – Mood Boards

My very first attempt at Mood Boards with Alex Polizzi – The Fixer knowing all along where they would end up .. at Castle Howard!

I was asked to produce 7 different themed mood boards for 7 different events. As you will know from the program one just didn’t make it pasts the board stage. The other 6 however went on to take a staring roll for our photo shoot. These images beautifully shot by Ally Byrom would be used by Carbon Creative to populate our stunning new Lusso Styling website along with luxurious promotional literature. I don’t know how many times I have stroked a business card, the quality is superb.

I am rather self-indulgent and still keep logging onto our own website ‘just to look’. The images and how the site has been created is simply wonderful.